There are two initial first steps to starting the porting process: to perform some basic checks on the number(s) to be ported and then to email us with those details.

For a variety of reasons - from resilience to cost - SIP Trunk Plus makes use of more than one underlying carrier.  The porting agreements that different carriers have are different, as are the forms that are required and the processes that must be followed.  There is no one form or process that we can detail and no single form that we can post that you can download and follow: the procedure that will be followed will depend upon the type of number to be ported and who that number is with.

Step 1: Basic number checks...

(a) Go to

(b) Enter the number to be ported in the 'Partial Telephone Number to Lookup' field and press 'Lookup Number'.

(c) A results line is displayed: click on the hyperlink of the first six digits of your entered number under 'Number'

(d) In the displayed results note / cut and paste the following: 'Code', 'Area', 'Ofcom Area', 'Locality', 'Operator', 'Full Ofcom Name', 'Original Operator' and 'Service'.

If the Operator is not your current communications provider you should contact your current communications provider with this information asking them to confirm thier underlying carrier / network provider.  You should also assure yourself - and/or ask your provider to confirm - the correct address, including post code, for any/all numbers to be ported.

Step 2: Send us an email...

(a) It is very important that you title your email in the following way: "Number Port (<Geo>|<Non-Geo>) - <EndClientBusinessName> (<YourBusinessName>) - <MainNumber>".  E.g. "Number Port (Geo) - SIP Trunk Plus (500 Limited) - 01727515500".

(b) Include in the body text of the email all of the information detailed in Step 1 above

(c) Send your email to

We will then reply to you with the necessary next steps.