SIP Trunk Plus 'Mobile' is the marriage of your desk phone and business mobile phone. ST+ Mobile integrates mobile phones with existing ST+ telephony services allowing you to offer a new service that is innovative, unique and not bound my long term contracts.


  • a mobile phone fitted with an ST+ SIM card can be associated with any geographic or non-geographic DDI
  • a mobile phone fitted with an ST+ SIM card can present a geographic / non-goegraphic DDI
  • the service does not require the replacement of mobile phones: the service is supplied via SIM card
  • mobile phone numbers can be ported in/out
  • the service is on 30 day terms / rolling contact, no tie in to 12/24/36 month contacts, low cost monthly rental plus calls
  • the provided SIM cards are free of branding, suitable for white label services
  • ST+ Mobile SIM's can be supplied in standard, micro and nano form factor
  • as all calls to/from a ST+ mobile are via our SIP trunking plaform, calls can be recorded in the same was as standard office calls in the cloud via our Box integraiton
  • there is no need for any unreliable apps as ST+ Mobile relies on native GSM calls
  • the service is in essence carrier agnostic and can be configured to route calls via the strongest signal mobile phone network if required
  • by default, no call bundles are needed, calls are paid for via standard ST+ call rates
  • outbound calls are still bound by ST+ ‘limit profiles’ to ensure integrated and continued fraud protection
  • all ST+ calls and services are provided via a single bill
  • ST+ Mobile presents an interesting and low cost alternative to high cost voice wireless networks


  • an inbound call to a ST+ Mobile will incur a £0.018 ppm transit fee
  • an outbound call from a ST+ Mobile will incur: (i) a £0.018 ppm transit fee, (ii) plus the standard ST+ ppm call rate to the destination number
  • in addition to the ST+ Mobile monthly service charge, there is also the standard charge for the DDI associated with the ST+ Mobile service

Future features / service roadmap…

  • the ability to extension dial via a PBX service will be released in December 2014
    ST+ Mobile will be capable of working with other future service, such as ST+ Contact Centre, allowing for distributed low cost, high functionality contact centre agents who can be UK or EU based

Other notes…

  • all calls to/from a ST+ Mobile SIM are all routed via our ST+ platform: this is how we are able to allocate any DDI, to provide centralised call recording and integrate with our fraud prevention limit profiles
    the service is completely configurable via our ST+ portal: once a SIM card is allocated to a reseller the reseller can in turn can allocate it to any underlying client, creating the account and allocating DDI’s to the service; if they so wish, the reseller can also allow the end client access to this functionality