Contents of build, release date 10-11/11/2014:

SIPTP-117: Add withhold CLI number feature via star code (prefix *20 to force withhold CLI, *21 to force presenting CLI).

SIPTP-103: Add ability for reseller to move numbers between underlying clients.
SIPTP-021: Add ‘Help’ area, reseller level access.
SIPTP-111: Amend / overhaul of ‘Notifications’ area / tab.
SIPTP-181: Add auto population of fields when purchasing a new number.
SIPTP-194: Add check/warning dialogs when trunk 'Edit' and 'Change password' options are selected.
SIPTP-195: Add 'Call Recording' option on 'Hosted Telephony' type trunk.
SIPTP-196: Amend Box folder name descriptions for recording mobile calls
SIPTP-169: Correct error when attempting to delete reseller account.
SIPTP-182: Correct error when resetting a limit to ‘no minutes’.
SIPTP-184: Correct minor spelling mistakes & capitalisation; rename ‘DID numbers’ tab to ‘Numbers’.
SIPTP-190: Correct minor issues re. cancellation / removal of numbers.
SIPTP-114, SIPTP-135: Correct minor issues when creating limit profiles when new reseller account created.