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17 December 2014 at 18:52

Good afternoon.


An important note regarding SIP Accounts / SIP trunks…


We have noted that a number of clients have been creating, deleting and re-creating trunks, several times.  Our portal is designed to apply a set-up fee each time a trunk is created.  To date the billing team have been intervening to ensure that you are only charged for one set-up fee.  Unfortunately, due to volumes – and as there now a sensible warning notification in place if you attempt to do this – we are no longer able to do this and therefore we are making you aware that a set-up fee will be applied for each trunk creation so please do exercise caution when editing channels to avoid extra costs.


Beware of potential fraudster…


We took a call today from a fraudster well known to us, the FCS and TUFF, referred to as ‘Josif’.  He gave his contact details as David Thompson of GMX Container UK Limited, dave.thompson@gmx.com01618189580.  He lead with a requirement of “I need VoIP services, SIP trunks, for 20 users, cloud based. I need to connect via soft phone and I just need one main number/DDI. Can I have prices/rates please?”.  Please be wary of this fraudster who uses different names and businesses but often the same contact number.


Update / correctly set your limit profiles to reduce your exposure…


We’ll go through this in tomorrow’s webinar (please refer to below) but we strongly urge you, before the Christmas break, to use the tools we provide you with to mitigate fraud and to protect yours – and your clients’ – exposure.  So please do check your clients’ usage (a recent bill is a good place to find this out) and set their limit profile accordingly.


Forthcoming monthly webinar, Thursday 18th December, 12:00…


We are making our New Year’s resolutions a little early this year. We’re pleased to be introducing the first of our monthly webinars which will coincide with our regular software releases. We wanted to provide a forum to let you know what’s new and provide some guidance on the use of the latest platform release.  This month we will be covering build which will include, amongst other things:


1.       The addition of a withhold CLI number feature via star code (prefix *20 to force withhold CLI | *21 to force presenting CLI)

2.       The addition of a ‘Help’ area and how this can be set for end clients.

3.       Amend/overhaul of the ‘Notifications’ area/tab.

4.       A review of limit profiles.


Ref:  You can view the live webinar using this link, We look forward to speaking with you then!


Best regards, the SIP Trunk Plus Team.




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