Depending upon the details you submitted to us when creating your support request, we will send you the correct form to complete.

Completing all of the areas on the form is important - from detailing the current provider, providing a bill, and stating any number ranges - but please do also pay particular attention to 'Line Type' and 'Sub Type' as these will determine if the port will be attempted to be processed as a single line port or a multi line port.

The port/line type is determined by the losing communications provider (LCP) you are porting away from so please do check with them but to assist: if the line is an ISDN30 service with 100 DDI's you will be charged for 'Number Port, 11+ DDI Range' regardless of the number of DDI's ported; a single number can be classified as multi line if it is associated with an ISDN2 or ISDN30 service.  In short, it is your responsibility to ascertain from your current provider the correct port/line type and indicate appropriately on the submitted number port form.  Ultimately, how the underlying carrier classifies the number will be the type of port that will be processed.