Contents of build, release date 28-29/01/2015:

SIPTP-84: Added SMS / text message functionality and associated user interface changes to ST+ Mobile.

SIPTP-314: Added ability to present a ‘spoofed’ number for a 4HA Hosted Telephony account.

SIPTP-253: Added functionality in 'Options' tab to enable additional fields to be editable.

SIPTP-310: Fixed issue when deleting an ST+ Mobile account.

SIPTP-275: Fixed issue with outbound international calls prefixed with ‘+’ when dialled from an ST+ Mobile account.

SIPTP-309: Fixed issue creating ST+ Mobile account / correctly setting ‘active’ status for account.

SIPTP-286: Fixed issue when renaming a SIP account back to original name.

SIPTP-315: Fixed issue in case when ST+ Mobile cannot access underlying API.