The 'Barred Calls Log' area of the 'Logs' tab expands upon the CDR 'Hangup Cause' by giving a detailed reason for a call that has been barred and is an excellent first for to call for troubleshooting.  The list of fault codes and responses for a barred call are:

(a) related to limit profiles [error codes in range 1xx]:

- Profile limit to “***” destination has been reached [Code 101]

- Call price (per minute) limit reached [Code 102]

- Call price (connect) limit reached [Code 103]

- High Price Call is Barred for off-hours [Code 104]

- International Call is Barred for off-hours [Code 105]

- Calls are not allowed for weekday [Code 106]

(b) Related to illegal / incorrect destination numbers [error codes in range 2xx]:

- Destination number is incorrect / not valid / can’t be externalized [Code 201]
- Destination number prefix is not recognized (destination number can’t be matched with Known list of destination prefixes) [Code 202]

(c) Related to incorrect / wrong call parameters [error codes in range 3xx]:

- Hosted trunk does not exist for request from ‘Hosted PBX’ [Code 301]
- Node was not found by hostname. [Code 302]
- Profile was not found by profile name. [Code 303]
- Profile context name was not equal to request context. [Code 304]
- SIP account was not found [Code 305]
- SIP account authentication failed [Code 306]
- Incorrect caller IP address for SIP account (IP address authentication fail) [Code 307]
- SIP account is ‘Demo’ (and call is not to emergency services) [Code 308]
- SIP account is ‘Suspended’ [Code 309]
- Incorrect/missing prefix for SIP account [Code 310]
- PBX is presenting a DDI/CLI that is not found / incorrect [Code 311]
- PBX is presenting a DDI/CLI that cannot be matched with SIP account [Code 312]
- Gateway/route was not found for SIP account [Code 313]

(d) Related to blacklisting [error codes in range 4xx]:

- Number/prefix is blacklisted, “Known Fraudulent” [Code 401]

- Number/prefix is blacklisted, “Suspected Fraudulent” [Code 402]

- Number/prefix is blacklisted, “This Client Wishes this Number Barred for Private Reasons” [Code 403]

- Number/prefix is blacklisted, “Other Reason” [Code 404]