4HA allows you to create and categorise devices in a number a ways whether the devices are 'on-net' SIP devices or alternatively if they are 'off-net' numbers that you may wish to refer to / forward calls on to.  For example, you may wish a call flow to forward to an off-net number (perhaps a call minding service or a mobile phone) if a call is unanswered.  To do this:

  1. Add a new 'Device' of type 'Land Line'
  2. As usual, assign the device a 'Name' (e.g. 'CallMindingService')
  3. Enter the number of the off-net number you wish to refer calls on to
  4. You may also elect to assign the device to a user by select the user in the 'Belongs To' field but for this scenario the device will typically be left unassigned
  5. When finished ensure you press 'Save'

You are now able to refer to this device - this 'device' in essence being an off-net number - in any call flow by dragging and dropping a 'Device' from the 'Actions' > 'Advanced' menu visible on the right hand side when adding or editing a call flow.