Contents of build, release date 09-10/04/2015:

SIPTP-387, SIPTP-390: Improvements when editing trunk settings and when changing trunk settings more than once in the same day ('Logs' > 'SDR' tab).
SIPTP-389, SIPTP-328: Fixed minor billing related issue to correctly cater for clients with multiple trunks / ensure correct number of channels are billed ('Logs' > 'SDR' tab).
SIPTP-388: Improvement re. facility to non pro-rata billing of number rental in 'Logs' > 'SDR' tab ('Logs' > 'SDR' tab).
SIPTP-393: Fixed minor issue reflecting the deletion of a mobile account (in 'Logs' > 'SDR' tab).
SIPTP-406: Fixed minor issue when attempting to un-bind a Box account.

SIPTP-391: New feature to describe on a bill whether a number/DDI is 'standard' (purchased/provisioned), 'spoofed' or 'ported'.