In order to store recorded calls, you will need to set up a Box account then 'bind' the Box account to the client account via the 'Options' page.  To do this, please visit and select the right account type for your client's needs.

To determine what type of Box account you will need review type and volume of calls expected to be made to / from the numbers / trunks you will enable call recording for.  To assist you:

  • the size of a call, whilst dependent on the quality of the call (that is, the CODEC being used) is approximately 1.8 Mb per one minute of two-way conversation
  • therefore a 10 Gb account will provide over 90 hours of calls 
  • please note that Box accounts, especially free/personal accounts, may have additional restrictions such as no single file being greater than 250 Mb in size (therefore no call exceeds circa. 2 hours 15 minutes)

Note that all Box accounts, including the entry level free/personal accounts, are capable of storing SIP Trunk Plus calls.