Contents of build, release date 21-22/05/2015:

SIPTP-379, SIPTP-403, SIPTP-107, SIPTP-426: 'Limit Profiles Phase 2', a new version of limit profiles (please refer to 'Limit Profiles & Fraud Mitigation', specifically 'Limit Profiles Phase 2').
SIPTP-406: Fixed minor issue when attempting to 'un-bind' / 're-bind' a Box account.

SIPTP-428: Fixed minor issue regarding incorrect CDR details being displayed at reseller level.
SIPTP-374: Fixed issue regarding the change of reseller SIP domain / realm.

SIPTP-279, SIPTP-393: Fixed minor issue regarding quantities in SDR file for mobile accounts.
SIPTP-312, SIPTP-387, SIPTP-390, SIPTP-422, SIPTP-391: Fixed minor billing system integration issues and implemented new requirements such as not always creating SDR entry when trunk edited, only if change in channels; specifying number types (provisioned, ported, spoofed) in bills.