There are a multitude of UK sub-destinations which we have categorised for convenience under the following sub-destinations:

UK Operator & Directory Enquiries
UK Directory Enquiries
UK Blind and Disabled Enquiries
UK National Operator
UK International Opertator
UK Freephone
UK Geographic
UK Mobile
Non Geographic
UK National Non Geographic
UK Local Special Services
UK National Special Services
UK Special Services
UK Messaging Services
UK Internet Servies
UK WiFi Services
UK Multimedia Services
UK Pager & Voice Messaging Services
UK Information Services
UK Timeline
UK BT Click & No Charge to BT  Services
UK FW8 Rate Voice & Data
Premium Rate
UK Premium Rate
UK Personal Numbering
Premium Rate (Per Call / Fixed Fee)
UK Fixed Fee

  • 'Freephone' calls do not carry any charge / call tariff.  'Freephone' is purposefully set as its own sub destination as if calls to such numbers were, for example, instead included in the 'Other / Special' sub destination, then they would be bound by any limit placed upon 'Other / Special'; having 'Freephone' as  its own sub destinations allows you to set a high / in essence unlimited, value for 'Freephone' calls.
  • Emergency Services calls (112, 999) will always route and are not bound by limit profiles
  • some premium rate calls have a high 'per minute' fixed fee cost, others have a high cost for the call - a high 'call set up' cost if you like - regardless of the duration of the call; with minutes-based limit profiles such calls need to be carefully considered and so to allow you to restrict them appropriately they are classified in their own sub destination, 'Premium Rate (Per Call / Fixed Fee)'

If you wish to determine which destination a number is categorised under, select 'Limits' > 'Settings' then press the 'Find Number Destination' button and enter the number in question then 'Find':

If you wish to determine numbers comprise a given destination, select 'Limits' > 'Settings' then right click on the destination in question and select 'Find Destination Prefixes':

For a full prefix list - in order to ascertain which number prefixes are allocated to which 'Destination / Area Type' shown above - please refer to Which Prefixes Are Associated With Which Destinations? in our Billing section.