We are migrating from our current architecture to our new architecture in order to offer increased resilience and reliability.

The current architecture is accessible via https://sip.500.uk.com/admin/ (or via a DNS A Record that you may have created on your domain to point to; our new architecture is accessible via https://sip.sip-trunking-services.com/admin/ (or via an DNS C NAME Record that you may have created on your domain to point to sip.sip-trunking-services.com).

Our new architecture, which was load tested in Jan 2015 and has been functional and routing calls since Apr 2015, is 'mirrored' with our current architecture via 'master-master' replication.  This means that your user account will give you access to both our current and new architectures, and that when you make a change on one it will be reflected in the other - with the notable exceptions of the portal's 'Registrations' tab which will only show trunks that are registered on the architecture in question.

Further details on the steps required to migrate your clients' trunks will be detailed in this Migration solution area: specifically please refer to Setting Up Firewalls & Gateway Devices and Migrating Your Clients' Trunks.

Please note: all migrations must be completed by the close of business on Wednesday 15th July 2015 and we will only be able to provided limited support on our current architecture from Wednesday 8th July onwards, whereupon our focus must be on our new architecture.