If you have not already done so, you will need to request us to send you SIM cards in order for you to use them for your client's mobile accounts: please contact your account manager or create a support ticket to do this.  The SIM card numbers - or ICCID's - will be allocated to your reseller account.

Step 1: Allocate the SIM card to your underlying client account...

1(a) - At your reseller level, go to ‘Mobile Accounts’ and select the SIM card number (ICCID) in question.
1(b) - F
rom the drop-down list field called 'Allocate SIM ICCID to:', select the desired client you wish to allocate the SIM card to and then press 'Allocate'.

Step 2: Create the mobile account...

2(a) - At client level, go to ‘SIP Accounts’ -> 'Mobile Accounts' and select ‘Add Mobile Account’. The ' Create new mobile account' window should then appear as per below.

2(b) - Fill in the required details and press 'Save'. Descriptions for the above fields are as follows:

- The main mobile number associated with this mobile account. S
elect an available number you wish to be allocated to the mobile account form the drop-down field. (If the number you wish to use is already allocated to a SIP account, you will first need to un-assign it from that trunk).

Caller ID - This is the number you wish to be presented when making an outbound call. This can be any number that is associated with this client account which can be selected from the drop-down field. (
You can allocate one number for inbound calls and SMS but you can present a different number for outbound CLI [caller line identification] calls.) 

Account Name - The desired name of the mobile account.

Address, Postcode, Town and Contact Number - The details of your client that will need to be entered as specified by the field.

Limit Profile - Allocate the desired Limit Profile to the mobile account.

SMS Enabled - If desired, check this box to show only SMS enabled numbers from the 'Available' list of numbers box/field.

DIDs - You can assign more available DIDs to the mobile account if required by selecting the numbers in the 'Available' box/field and pressing the '>'  to move the desired DID(s) to the 'Assigned' box/field. The mobile account in question will then have the desired DID(s) allocated to it. 

You may also wish to integrate your mobile account to either 4HA or 3CX.