The following article will take you through step by step on how to create a 4HA account for your client.

Please noteYou will first need to have access to an overarching 4HA account as the reseller before you can create 4HA accounts for your clients.
To obtain reseller access, please send an email to

Trunks may only be set up a client level and only if a spare / unassigned number is available.  Ensuring that you already have your reseller 4HA credentials to hand please follow the following steps:

1. Select the client in question > press the 'SIP Accounts' tab > select 'Hosted Telephony' and press 'Add Realm'.
2. Enter your reseller 4HA credentials then press 'next'.

3(a) The following window will then appear. 

3(b) Main Number (SIP ID)
Select an available unassigned number from the drop down menu as your 'Main Trunk Number' for your 4HA trunk.

3(c) Name your trunk - this will just serve as a simple, easy to reference ID for your trunk.
3(d) 4HA Hosted Telephony Account Realm
- Enter the account realm using the following format: <client_name>
3(e) CLI Number Format
This is how the main 'Main Number (SIP ID)' format will be presented from the PBX to our SIP Trunk Service for registration purposes.  Select either by 'National' to present the SIP ID format to us in standard national format, or 'International' format to present the SIP ID with leading '0044'.  This feature has been developed to recognise that some PBX's require the main SIP ID to be in this format.  This feature does not affect any call-based parameters and numbers from a PBX in 'any valid format' - be in standard national, or with leading '0044' or '+44' formats - will still be processed and routed.

NOTEIf a trunk is originally created with a ‘CLI Number Format’ of 'International' then the password hash algorithms, used behind the scenes in our password generation and authentication functionality, generates a password based in part on the ‘SIP ID’ in the international format of ‘0044...’.  If the ‘CLI Number Format’ is then changed to 'National' the password in essence becomes outmoded / incorrect, because it is still based on the international format instead of national format now used.  Therefore, please ensure that you change / reset the trunk password after you change the 'CLI Number Format', either from international to national, or vice versa.  You will be prompted to do this in any case:

3(f) Limit Profile - This assigns your 4HA trunk a 'limit profile', which is typically set to 'DEFAULT CLIENT PROFILE' by default but you can select any 'limit profile' you have created for the client, from the drop down field if desired.
3(g) Outbound Channels - Specify the amount of concurrent call channels / simultaneous calls you desire for this 4HA trunk.
3(h) Call Recording - If enabled, records all calls associated with this 4HA trunk.
3(i) Check Destination Prefix - This option enables/disables the 'Destination prefix' field which, if enabled, limits the trunk to only allow calls if the number presented from the PBX to the hosted telephony service, starts with the desired prefix that is entered into the 'Destination prefix' field. This setting can be regarded as a security feature.
3(j) Once all the required fields have been populated, simply press 'Next'.

The following fields will be the credentials used to access your client's 4HA account. Once populated, press 'save'.
Please take note of these credentials before saving.

5 Navigate to your 4HA Realm. The standard realm to connect to 4HA is <client_name>
Enter your client's 4HA login credentials (as per step '4' above) and press 'Log in'.

6 Once in, navigate towards the top right of the login page and select the arrow next to the logged-in user and select ‘App Store’

7 Ensure ‘Hosted PBX’ and ‘User Portal’ are both set to ‘On’ and then press ‘Save’.

9 You will be forced to log out then back in again. Confirm that the account can now see the ‘VoIP Services’ option towards the top left of the screen.

Should you have any further queries, please contact