There are three strategies you may wish to adopt when managing you limit profiles:

  1. do little or nothing and let your '*DEFAULT_RESELLER_PROFILE' limits be used each time you create a new client account, either with or without amending your '*DEFAULT_RESELLER_PROFILE' first
  2. create limits profiles at your reseller level - either for particular verticals or client types, or perhaps 'small', 'medium' and 'large' minute profiles - then set the client 'Allocated Limited Profiles' on the client 'Options' tab to refer to any profiles that you may wish to use for the client account in question
  3. create limits profiles at your reseller level for each client then set the client 'Allocated Limited Profiles' on the client 'Options' tab to refer to the profile

Our recommendation is to adopt approach 2 above as it allows a small number of limit profiles to be managed and used by underlying client accounts.

Related, do also note and remember limits can be amended by resellers at client level - creating 'exceptions'.  As and when such profiles are amended once again at reseller level, there is an option to retain or overwrite such exceptions (and similarly, at client level, a profile can have its exceptions removed by selecting the 'Set to Defaults' button); please refer to What Happens When I Update A Limit Profile?.