Limit profiles can be amended by a reseller at reseller level, or by a reseller at client level.  It is possible to decrease or increase a limit (so long as maximum limits have not been reached) and you can amend limits by first selecting the limit profile required via 'Limits' > 'Settings' and selecting the 'Limit Profile' in question, then right-clicking on the desired destination to amend a limit value, selecting either 'Set Monthly limits (Minutes)' to amend minutes-based limits, or 'Set Per Call Limit (Cost)' to amend cost-based limits. 

There may be occasions when a limit may look as though it cannot be increased at client level: to 'resolve' this issue, first select the limit profile at reseller level and amend the limit in question then selecting either 'Leave underlying limits' to retain any client-level set exceptions, or 'Overwrite underlying limits' to set the limit for the profile at reseller level and at client level.  For further details please refer to What Happens When I Update A Limit Profile?

It is possible, when at reseller level, that you may wish to increase a limit greater then that allocated to you: if that is the case, please contact us.