Contents of build, release date 19-20/08/2015:

SIPTP-76: Major improvements / re-write of portal code in latest version of software to (a) increase efficiency, code re-use and available functionality, (b) cater for auto-failover between dual DC architecture.

SIPTP-340: Major improvement of new user account 'Permissions' functionality so that resellers can set what their client user accounts (if applicable) view and edit.

SIPTP-497, SIPTP-462: Minor fix where some 0800 and non-geographic numbers being incorrectly classified as 'Mobile Shortcode' (and therefore 'Other / Special' limit profile destination).

SIPTP-222: Minor improvement to allow actions to be performed on multiple numbers/DDI's.

SIPTP-206: Minor improvement to allow ported/spoofed DDI ranges.

SIPTP-370: Minor improvement to add 'Longest Call' functionality to allow a reseller to specify the longest time a single call will be (default will be 180 minutes).

SIPTP-162, SIPTP-365, SIPTP-366: Minor improvement to menu structure / layout (e.g. relocating 'Mobile Accounts' under 'SIP Accounts'), segregating out 'Options' settings into sub-menu items, etc.

SIPTP-472, SIPTP-438, SIPTP-474: Minor fix regarding call recording issue and improvements to Box integration / accounting for new Box API version.

SIPTP-307: Minor improvement to logic / loading speed for data tabs (e.g. CDR log) only loading data required.

SIPTP-330: Minor improvements trunk settings layout / logic (e.g. rename of 'Check IP' to 'IP Authentication', grey out / disable 'IP Address' if  'IP Authentication' checkbox is not ticked).

SIPTP-452, SIPTP-407: Minor improvement to 'Logs' tab and also ensure that any / all log files can be exported.

SIPTP-467: Minor improvement re. automatic carrier failover.
SIPTP-217: Minor improvement to standardise on button positions.

SIPTPPBX-62: Minor fix regarding missing settings when a 4HA / hosted telephony SIP account is created.