Ofcom has directed that 'end users' (clients) may not be charged for calls to 999 / emergency services.

We have performed a thorough investigation as to who should bear the cost of these calls and the OCP (original communications provider)  has been identified by BT in their response to our query as follows:

"The OCP bears the cost of providing their customers with free access to the emergency services via 999 and 112 and this obligation is covered under General Condition 4.1. (of http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/telecoms/ga/CONSOLIDATED_VERSION_OF_GENERAL_CONDITIONS_AS_AT_28_MAY_2015.pdf). Additional requirement to provide Caller Location Information are also part of that wider condition.


To help facilitate compliance with GC4 by OCPs, including BT’s retail business, BT provides a call handling service that routes 999 and 112 calls to the appropriate emergency authority based on the location of the caller and the type of service requested. This is a chargeable, commercial wholesale service and is not required by either GC4 or any other Universal Service or ex-ante regulation."

To assist our resellers, we have discounted the calls to 999 / emergency services as per our price list.