Our Technical Assistance Centre (‘TAC’) is a multi-tiered technical assistant team available to you when technical assistance related to our services / products is required.  Assistance is prioritised based on problem / issue severity (refer to Issue Severities): if a ticket is raised with an incorrect priority according to the severity definitions, we will change the ticket priority to correctly reflect the issue raised (examples can be found in Severity Examples).  This ensures that our TAC team is available to deal with any urgent issues as and when they may arise.

Please note that it is your responsibility to raise a ticket and that we cannot attend to your issue until this has been done.  Raising a ticket is a straightforward process: for information on how to raise a ticket, please refer to Raising a Fault Ticket.

We tracks all issues / cases using a web-based on-line ticketing system: any ticket will auto-close if no response after 7 days and will receive no more input from our TAC team (i.e.: where we are waiting for 7 days for you to respond).  If you suspects that the issue is not resolved, you will need to re-open the ticket with the latest details.

Your responsibilities:

  • Raise a fault ticket
  • Provide service / product information and end client help desk function
  • Collect and track information on issues experienced by the end client
  • Perform basic hardware and software configuration support as appropriate
  • Provide support on features and services to end clients
  • Keep clients informed on status of any issues
  • Resolve majority of configuration issues and provide workarounds
  • Troubleshoot and/or simulate issues
  • Gather customer data to isolate a particular issue
  • Provide problem description and data to us as and when required / appropriate
  • Install any software updates and upgrades as required

Our responsibilities:

  • Provide service / product information and reseller help desk function
  • Provide additional analysis on logs and configuration data
  • Keep you informed on status of any issues
  • Assist when other avenues have been exhausted
  • To adhere to our terms, conditions and service levels