Contents of build, release date 12-13/11/2015:

SIPTP-572: Minor fix to ensure a reseller's 'Business Address' can be saved if amended
SIPTP-570: Minor fix to ensure all limits log data is present at reseller level
SIPTP-563: Minor fix to trunk settings to only allow one of either 'Registrations' based or 'IP Authentication' based registration
SIPTP-556: Minor fix relating to an error when purchasing numbers if leading '*' wildcard used
SIPTP-543: Minor fix related to some UK mobile numbers being incorrectly classified as 'Other/Special' in limit profiles
SIPTP-579: Minor fix related to duplicate DDI entries under certain conditions in SDR log.
SIPTP-577: Minor fix to text used in 'Add Spoofed Numbers' dialog
SIPTP-576: Minor fix where certain failover numbers was acting as if 'Unconditional' was set

SIPTP-513: Minor enhancement to show portal status text

SIPTP-573: Minor system enhancement to permit international number format CLI inbound from client trunk

SIPTP-575: Major system enhancement to better segregate portal / switching functionality ('duplicate instances')