Problems happen rarely but if they do - or if you want to be kept abreast of any announcements regarding maintenance for example - then you can and should set up a notification.  Setting up this alert will mean that you are notified of any change or update in system status, allowing you to 'follow' a service event: it is the quickest and best way of being kept up to date of any service announcements or issue.

If logged in to the portal via a reseller account, select your reseller account first then the 'Notifications' tab; this will mean you will receive a service alert notification just once (not repeatedly for each client as would be the case if set up at client level).  Select the 'System status updated' notification from the 'Choose notification type' drop-down menu.  Ensure that 'Enable Email Notifications' and/or 'Enable SMS Notifications' is selected / checked then 'Add' the appropriate email addresses and/or mobile / cell phone numbers.