This solution takes you through the process of purchasing numbers.

1 To provision – or purchase – numbers ('DDI's') via the SIP Trunk Plus portal, first go to the client account you want to provision the number for, then go to the 'Numbers' tab and then press on the 'Purchase numbers' button.

2 The 'DID Purchase' window will appear with instructions and helpful guidelines when searching for desired numbers to purchase. Numbers can be viewed and selected as required via the ‘Select numbers’ option. Using the wildcard (‘*’) in the sub code allows you to search for specific numbers.

Please note: International numbers and non-geographic numbers are available on request via a 'manual order' process.

3 Under the 'Select Numbers' option, specify your desired country code, area code and sub-code and press 'find'. This will bring up all available numbers within your search criteria to choose from. Should you want SMS enabled numbers, simply check the 'SMS enabled' check box, add in your search criteria as above and press 'find'. This will then only bring up available SMS enabled numbers. Please note: The 'SMS enabled' check box is not checked by default.
You can select more than one number at a time (via the use of the ‘Ctrl’ and/or ‘Shift’ keys) to purchase several numbers, if desired. Then press ‘Next’.

4 If you wish to purchase numbers in bulk, select 'Quantity of Numbers' following the same rules above (country code, area code, and sub code). With this option you can state the quantity of numbers you desire to purchase within your search criteria which will select, for the area code and sub code you enter, the first available numbers up to your required quantity. Then press ‘Next’.

Please note: This option will assign you non-consecutive numbers within your search criteria.  If you cannot find any numbers for the area code you have entered, or if you cannot find suitable numbers (for example, a consecutive range, if required) from those displayed, please contact us at for assistance.  Please also note that by default the first 50 number available will be presented and that if you can 'look further down the list', extracting additional numbers, by appropriate use of the sub code.

5 Specify the ownership details for each number, including a valid name and email address. These will be automatically extracted from the client ‘Options’ page but may be amended / overwritten if required (these are required for basic identification information purposes; they do not negate the need to supply / assign an emergency address for the numbers).  When done, press ’Assign’.

6 The number(s) you have just purchased will now appear alongside the client’s existing numbers within the 'Numbers' tab.

Please note: Do not forget to assign the number to a trunk: a number will not route unless it is assigned to a trunk.  To do this, right-click on the number and select 'Assign to trunk'.

The 'Numbers' tab will also display additional details about each number, such as the number type (Ported, Provisioned or Spoofed), whether or not it is assigned to a SIP account and whether or not any additional features have been enabled.
For more information about the 'additional features' or 'number properties', refer to this link: Number Properties