‘Spoofing’, or ‘CLI presentation’, is the ability to present a number that does not reside on our / our underlying carrier’s platform.

In order to spoof a number, you are required, as stated in your signed agreement with us, to perform due diligence to ensure that your client has the ‘ownership’ of this number (e.g. ideally a recent bill showing the client name, address and phone number to be spoofed, a written letter on your client’s headed paper confirming ownership).  You cannot spoof a number unless it is set up on the client account ‘Numbers’ page and is assigned to the trunk in question: if you configure your PBX to attempt to present a number that is not set up in this way, our service will automatically bar the call – please refer to "Using The 'Logs' Tab & Barred Calls".  Please note that inbound calls to spoofed numbers will still be via the current communications provider.

1 To set up a spoofed number, go to the Client account you want to spoof the number for and press on the 'Numbers' tab. Then press on the 'Add Spoofed Numbers' button.

2 Press on the 'Add Spoofed DID Numbers' button and enter the number(s) you wish to spoof. If you wish to spoof more than one number, separate them by, semi-colons. Enter the number in E.164 number format: that is, leading with the country code and removing the leading zero of the area/destination code.

2 (a) You can also add number ranges to be 'spoofed' by clicking on 'Add spoofed DID ranges' button and adding your desired ‘From’ start range and ‘To’ end range. Enter the number in E164 number format: leading with the country code and removing the leading zero.

2 (b) When complete, press on the 'Save' button.

3 The newly spoofed number(s) will now be listed under the 'Numbers' tab and can be identified by the word 'Spoofed', under the 'Type' category.

4 From here, you can right-click anywhere on the spoofed number and 'Assign' the number to the required trunk; you will not be able to spoof a number until you have assigned it to a trunk.  You may also choose to right-click then 'Edit' the number, convert it to a ported number, or release it from a SIP account (if it is currently assigned to one).