This solution takes you through the process of creating a 'SIP Client'. 'SIP Client' are psuedo-trunks, two channel trunks for using directly in an end SIP device.

1 To create a new SIP Client, go to the client account that you want to create the SIP client for. Then press on the 'SIP Account' tab and select 'SIP Clients' from the drop-down list.

2 Press on the 'Add SIP Client' button.

2 (a) Select an available unassigned number from the drop down menu as your 'Main SIP Client Number'. The main number can be a spoofed number if required but inbound calls will only be possible once a provisioned (or ported) number is assigned to the SIP Client. Select the number you want to link the SIP Client to and specify a name for the SIP Client.

2 (b) Choose whether or not to enable or disable 'Call Recording' and 'RTP Auto Adjust' using the check boxes.

2 (c) Then specify which 'Limits Profile' you want to assign to this SIP Client using the drop-down list. When done, press the 'Save' button.

3 The newly created SIP Client will now appear inside the 'SIP Clients' page. You can further edit the SIP Client by right-clicking anywhere on the SIP Client and selecting 'edit'. By right-clicking on the SIP Client, you can also change its password or delete the SIP client entirely.