This solution will take you through the number properties available for each number.  Note that the options available for each number are context sensitive and depend upon the number type and whether or no the number assigned to a trunk.

1 Go to the ‘Numbers’ tab, select a number, right-click and select ‘Edit Number'.

2 (a) Failover Number: For calls to the number you are editing, you can set an alternative number (e.g. a mobile phone number, a call minding service number) for calls to fail over to in this field, in the event, for example, that the phone system is installed on client site and there is a connectivity issue such that the trunk loses its registration.

  (b) Unconditional Failover: You can set a number to unconditionally failover to the number specified in the field regardless of whether or not the trunk is registered.

3 Call Recording: You can set call recording for this particular number; call recording can be set either at number/DDI level or at trunk level.

4 Privacy (or number withheld(: You can set ‘Privacy’ for this number to prevent any outbound CLI being displayed. There is also the option to set ad-hoc privacy per call.  For more information on ‘Privacy’, please refer to this link How Can I Set Up 'Number Witheld' / Privacy? in our solutions area.

5  Assign to Owner: If you have purchased a number that is not currently being used by 'Client A' for example, you can move/assign the available number to 'Client B' or 'Client C' if desired,by right-clicking on the number and selecting 'Assign to Owner'.

In the resulting window, simply select the client from the drop-down selection to whom you would like to move/assign the number and press 'Save'.

6 Delete from system: Should a client no longer be with you or you no longer need a particular number, you can delete the unwanted number from the system by right-clicking on the number and selecting 'Delete from system'. For more information on deleting numbers and/or clients, please refer  How Do I Delete Trunks And Numbers And Cancel A Client? in our solutions area.

7 Edit Emergency Address: You can edit your emergency address for the selected number by right-clicking and selecting 'Edit emergency address'.
For more information on Emergency Addresses, please refer to Emergency Addresses in our solutions area.