This solutions document will explain how to link a Box™ account to the SIP Trunk Plus portal for storing call recordings.  A Box account will first need to have been created and the credentials will need to be at hand.

1 For end users, simply login to the portal; for Resellers, visit the Client who’s Box™ account you want to link to the portal.

Then go to the ‘Options’ tab and select ‘ Integration’

3 Specify the name of the root folder where Call Recordings will be stored inside Box™ and then press ‘Bind Box’.

4 In the popup window that appears, enter in the Box™ login credentials.

5 Finally, press ‘Grant Access To Box’

6 Under ‘Options’ in the portal, it will now show that a Box™ account is linked to the SIP Trunk Plus account.

7 The new root folder will now also appear inside the linked Box™ account.

Please note: If a user changes their Box account credentials/password, they should un-bind, then re-bind, their Box account again, using the amended credentials.