This solution will explain how to create a client account inside the portal.

1 Press the ‘Add Client’ button located at the top left-hand corner of the portal. 

2 The ‘New Client’ window will appear, press ‘Next’.

 3 Fill in the general information for your new client and press ‘Next’.

Please note: The email address set here is where the Trunk details (Username, password) get sent to. Therefore, we recommend that this should be one of your admin email addresses for regulation.

4a. In the ‘Additional’ information window, you will need to first select a 'Limit Profile' to be applied to the client account.  To do this, simply select one of the 'Limit profiles' you wish to be assigned to your client from the 'Available limit profiles' window and  press on the '>' arrow to move the selected 'Limit Profile' to the 'Allocated limit profiles' window. Typically, the setting is ‘DEFAULT_RESELLER_PROFILE’ but you can create your own custom reseller limit profile and assign it to your client on this ‘additional’ info window.
 b. The ‘Long Call Duration’ field is typically set to 180 minutes by default. If your client makes a call for longer than 3 hours, the call will be cut and they will have to redial. If 180 min is too long, you can decrease the number of minutes. This is part of our toll fraud mitigation, which works together with our 'Limit Profiles'.
 c. The 'High price calls' field is referred  to in the The Working Time Tab and is not used in the general limits settings for barring calls. It is an indicator of what the client regards as a high priced call so that, on the 'Working Time' tab, calls greater than this value will be barred.

 d. The 'Working Schedule' field allows you to select the working schedule that is in line with your client's business hours/needs. You can select  a 30 day schedule (which includes weekends or a 24 day schedule (which excludes weekends). Depending on your selection, your overall limit's value is then divided by 24 or 30 days to form the daily limit. For example:  If the 'Mobile' was set at 1000 minutes, you then divide it by 30 days (if that was your choice) which will give you a total of 33.33 minutes allowed per day to 'Mobile' destination  calls. (1000min/30 = 33.33min).
For more information on Limit Profiles, refer to this link Limit Profiles & Fraud Mitigation in our solutions area.

5 Enter the email billing address and press ‘Next’.

6 Fill in the business address details of your new client and press ‘Create’.

7 You should now see the newly created client tiered underneath your account name in the SIP Trunk Plus portal.

8 You can go back and edit any of your clients’ details at any time by pressing the ‘options’ button, selecting the area of information you wish to edit and pressing the ‘Edit’ button. Once you have finished editing the information, press ‘Save’.