This solution covers the aspect of locating your call recordings.

1 Using Box’s advanced search features you can easily locate call recordings using specific filters. You can include the first number involved, followed by the word 'and', and the second number involved to find all call recordings between those two numbers. For example: '08450000500 and 03333444787'.

2 You can include a number and either 'inbound' or 'outbound' to find all call recordings related to that number and specific direction of call. For example: '08450000500 inbound'.

3 Using the search filters on the right, you can choose to limit search results based on file type, dates, file size, and a few more options.

4 One useful option includes the ability to define a custom date range. To use this filter, press the ‘Date Modified’ drop-down list and select ‘Custom Range’

5 Define ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates by pressing the calendar icon on the right of each field.

6 Once you’ve defined a custom date range, press ‘Okay'.

7 Your search results should now only display calls that were recorded within your custom date range.