Contents of build, release date 14-15/01/2016:

SIPTP-601: Minor improvements to 'Purchase DDI's' dialog

SIPTP-600: Minor improvements to 'Add / Edit Trunks' dialog

SIPTP-520: Minor system improvement to improve dial plan builder optimisation
SIPTP-606: Minor system improvement regarding 'failover feature' to minimise / eliminate de-registrations

SIPTP-599: Minor fix to limit profile logic / correctly displaying reseller limit profiles
SIPTP-591: Minor improvement to add 'lazy loading' of database records for CDR logs

SIPTP-635: Minor improvement to 'Trunk Settings' dialog to disable 'SIP Port' field if 'IP Authentication' is unchecked

SIPTP-631: Minor improvement to add window scroll bars where needed

SIPTP-625: Minor fix related to the creation of mobile accounts
SIPTP-222: Minor fix to allow actions to be performed on multiple numbers/DDI's in the 'Numbers' tab

SIPTP-609, SIPTP-602: Minor system improvement to SDR data related to moved DDI's, DDI's allocated for call recording