The 'Directory' service within 4HA is a corporate directory function which allows callers to type in a few letters of a person's (user's) name in order to be transferred to them.  This would typically be accessed by the 'Directory' function, which turn would be called via an auto attendant menu option.  For example, call this number, 08450000500 then dial '*' which will take you to the 'Directory' function:

  • you'll hear that you will be prompted to enter the first few characters of a persons name.  It does not matter if you enter forename or surname.  Do this via the keypad so that if, for example, you were trying to contact 'Sean Ryan', you could enter either R-Y-A (7-9-2) or S-E-A (7-3-2) and you'll then be transferred straight to me after entering these digits.
  • if you entered characters such that there were two or more possible users to be transferred to, you'll be prompted accordingly to select from the options that you will be presented with
  • note that the 'Directory' function can and must refer to a 'Group' of users that you'll also need to create within 4HA.  You can elect to put in all of your users or just some (e.g. support staff and teachers, but not the head or deputy head, for an example).