In Limit Phase 3, limit profile destinations are categorised into underlying levels:

  • top level 1, 'UK', has eight level 2 sub destinations
  • top level 1, 'International', has several level 2 sub destinations to represent each underlying continent, with level 3 sub destinations to represent each underlying country; there are no longer any level 4 sub destinations to represent carrier types within each country:

  • emergency service calls to 112 and 999 will always route and will never be prevented by limit profiles functionality
  • each destination must have a minutes-based limit set
  • each destination may also optionally have a cost-based limits set (with costs based on end client RRP)
  • monthly minutes are broken down into a daily amount behind the scenes by a divisor of either 30 days or 24 days (please refer to Creating Client Accounts).

Taking the above example:

  • each sub destination must have a value set to either ''Barred (0 min.)" or with a permitted value; in the example above, 'Premium' is limited to 500 minutes per month, 'Operator & Directory Enquiries' is limited to 300 minutes per month and so on
  • each sub destination may optionally have 'per call' limits set; in the example above, 'Premium' is limited to 500 minutes per month but even if these minutes are available to be used / unconsumed, calls will be barred if the 'Call Per Min' rate is greater than or equal to £1.00, or if the 'Call Set-up' limit is greater than or equal to £0.50

Please note that:

  • all blank destination in the tree (without any limit value) can be used to set all underlying sub-destinations to the same limit value (as described below)
  • blue values are destination limits: calls cannot be made when these limits are reached
  • grey limit values (daily limits) is shown only for information purposes / ease of use
  • there is no longer any 'inherited' nature to limit profiles and so limits can be amended at client level - creating 'exceptions' - by resellers but they can no longer be amended by end clients; as and when such profiles are amended at reseller level, there is an option to retain or overwrite such exceptions; similarly, at client level, a profile can have its exceptions removed by selecting the 'Set to Defaults' button
  • limits can be amended up to the maximum values allocated to a reseller
  • the 'Find Number Destination' feature allows you to determine which destination a number is classified under; the 'Find Destination Prefixes' feature performs the opposite function and will list the prefixes for a given destination

In order to permit quick and easy destination setting for a destination and all of its underlying sub-destinations, select a over-arching destination which will apply changes to 'All Sub-destinations':

Please also refer to How Are The 'UK' Sub Destinations Defined?

Please note that 'Limit Profiles Phase 2' was superseded by 'Limit Profiles Phase 3' in July 2016.