The 'Working Time' tab, located at client level under the 'Limits' tab, allows you to restrict calls outside of business hours.  There are a number of options available:

1. 'Bar all High Price calls during Off Hours: if 'checked', this will bar all call attempts that are greater than the value you set under 'High Price Calls' when you had created your client's account. (To view or edit this value, refer to 'Option' > 'Additional' on the client account). For example, if you set this value to 50p, any call attempts that would cost more than 50p would be barred after business hours. (For more information on barred calls, please refer to the following link in our solutions area Using The 'Logs' Tab & Barred Calls)

2. 'Bar all International Calls during Off Hours': if 'checked', this will bar any call attempts made to international destinations after business hours.

3. You can customize the 'working time' to cater for your client's needs and business hours. Let's take the example below:

The working time for this client is set  from '08:30 - 17:30'  and '50%' Off hours limit - During this working period (08:30 - 17:30), your limit profile values will be at full value. For example: if calls to Premium rate numbers are set at 1000 min, then divided by 30 days = 33.33 minutes of Premium rate calls will be allowed per day before barring further calls.  (For more information on 'Limit profiles', please refer to the following link in our solutions area Limit Profiles & Fraud Mitigation.)

However, if these calls were attempted outside of this working period (08:30 - 17:30), say at 21:00, then only 50% of this total limit value for any destination is applicable.  In this case, if Premium Rate was set at 1000 minutes - 50% = 500 minutes/30 days = only 16.67 minutes allowed per a day, after business hours, before barring the calls.

You can set/change the 'working time' hours and percentages applicable to 'off hours' by checking/selecting the select box on the left (you can select multiple days if needed) > right-clicking the selected bar(s) > press 'Edit' then you can then amend as detailed below:

  (a) 'Start time and 'End time' or the 'working time' hours (where limits will operate at full value currently set for all destinations)  
  (b) 'Off hours limit %' or the percentage allowed for 'after hours' (where only a percentage of the total limits value on all destinations will be available for after hours)

Once you are satisfied with your amendments, press 'Save'.

You can also choose to allow calls, for example, only from a Monday to Saturday, and bar calls for Sundays should you feel the need to by simply repeating the above steps and 'un-checking'/'checking' the 'allow calls' box applicable to the days you wish to allow/bar calls for.  Emergency calls to 999 and 112 will always route, regardless of any settings on the Working Time tab.