To view the number of minutes consumed by a client trunk in a given month, select, at client level, 'Limits' > 'Report', then select the 'SIP Account' / trunk in question and 'Report Period'.  The displayed report will show, for destinations dialled during the month in question, consumed minutes, the number of barred calls, the number of long calls (the duration of which is set in 'Options' > 'Additional') and the number of 'High Price' calls (the cost of which is also set in 'Options' > 'Additional'):

If no data/report is presented this means that either the 'SIP Account' and/or 'Report Period' have not been selected or that no calls have been made during the month in question for the SIP account / trunk selected.

'Daily Consumptions' also contains aspects of this report but is a daily version of this monthly report.