Contents of build 2.4.1, release date 22/06/2016:

SIPTP-733: Minor fix regarding the lack of a specific destination detail in the barred call log when a 'limit profile' destination is reached.
SIPTP-749: Minor improvement regarding validation when adding emergency addresses.
SIPTP-739: Minor improvement to add explanatory text to 'Add Black/White List' prefix/number dialog, especially pertaining to the addition of prefixes.
SIPTP-752: Minor improvement to add appropriate warning text when attempting to delete a mobile account.
SIPTP-720: Minor improvement related to the way numbers are deleted.
SIPTP-723: Minor improvement related to displaying emergency address information for underlying providers where emergency address details cannot automatically be updated via API call.
SIPTP-729, SIPTP-610, SIPTP-652: Minor fix of system / administration issues (e.g. when adding an IP address to a white list, trigger automatic support notification email when numbers moved between end clients, allow trunk channels to be set greater than 50 channels).