4HA permits both inbound, and outbound, faxing via its 'Fax Boxes' functionality.  To do this, you will need to set up a 'Fax Box' which in turn must be assigned to a user.  This guide will take you through this process, first dealing with inbound faxing (often known as 'fax to email') in Step 4, then outbound faxing in Step 5.

Step 1 - Configure the user account:

Via 'VoIP Services' > 'Advanced' > 'Users', ensure that the user account that you will eventually associate with the Fax Box has been set up correctly, and has 'Email Notifications' > 'Fax' selected (ticked/checked):

Step 2 - Set up the 'Fax Box':

Via 'VoIP Services' > 'Advanced' > 'Fax Boxes' click 'Add Fax Box', then click 'Advanced' to display the Fax Box sub tabs:

In the 'Assign to' menu, select the user account detailed in Step 1 above.  Ensure the Fax Box name and notification email addresses are correct / as required.

Next select the 'Caller ID' sub tab:

In order for outbound faxing to work, it is important to set the 'Caller ID' and 'Fax identity' fields: these should be set to a DDI assigned to the 4HA trunk, entered in international (E164 format) as shown above, e.g. number 03333444333 should be entered as 443333444333.  The 'Fax header' can be set as required and will be seen by the recipient on each page of the fax.

Next select the 'SMTP' tab:

In the 'SMTP permission list' box enter email addresses / domains, separated by spaces, that are permitted to send outbound faxes.  If you do not enter an email address or domain here, only the email address specified in the user account that the fax box is associated with may send outbound faxes.

Note the 'SMTP email address' as this will form a part of the method for sending an outbound fax.

Next select the 'Options' tab and set the 'Retries' and 'Fax timezone' fields as required:

When finished, click 'Save' to save the Fax Box.

Step 3 - Set up a call flow:

You should now set up a simple call flow to refer to the fax box, ensuring an external number/DDI is entered in the call flow, for example:

Step 4 - Receiving a fax / inbound faxing / fax to email:

To receive a fax the sending party should send the fax to the number/DDI set up in the call flow in Step 3 above: the fax will then be emailed to the address stated in the user account referred to in Step 1.

Step 5 - Sending a fax / outbound faxing:


Noting the 'SMTP email address' from Step 2, to send a fax you should create an email and attach, in either Adobe PDF or TIFF image format, the fax required to be sent.  Then send the email in the following format:

<recipient fax number>@<SMTP email address>

For example - taking the 'SMTP email address' example from Step 3 above, to send a fax to number 01727665544, send the email to 01727665544@cb039c46.fax.sip-trunking-services.com.

Please note that the sender of the fax must be sending from an email account governed by the 'SMTP permission list' detailed in Step 2, and that the attached fax file must be in either Adobe PDF or TIFF image format.