Contents of build 2.5.3, release date 13/10/2016:

SIPTP-740: Minor enhancement to permit renaming of mobile accounts.
SIPTP-792: Minor enhancements to the behaviour of mobile accounts dialogue box when editing and making changes.

SIPTP-742, SIPTP-793: Minor fixes regarding the selection a limit profile when creating a mobile account.

SIPTP-258: Minor enhancement to change the way a mobile account SIM card is deleted.
SIPTP-461: Minor enhancement to permit ported numbers be made available when 'Enable SMS' is selected when creating a mobile account.
SIPTP-262: Minor enhancement to allow mobile accounts to present spoofed CLI.
SIPTP-790: Minor enhancement to mobile accounts interface to harmonise with other types of SIP account.
SIPTP-654: Minor enhancement to display which route a call has been made via.
SIPTP-618: Minor enhancement to the CDR table interface.
SIPTP-698: Minor enhancement to permissions allocated to portal users.
SIPTP-562: Minor enhancement to disable the ability to edit emergency addresses at reseller level.
SIPTP-783: Minor fix to permit internal call functionality for multi-tenanted 3CX integrated mobile accounts.
SIPTP-734: Minor enhancement to add a search bar to the 'Numbers' tab, 'Find Destination Prefix' window.
SIPTPPBX-82: Minor enhancement to integrated 4HA mobile accounts to re-direct inbound calls directly to 4HA account.
SIPTP-795: Minor enhancement to 'Numbers' table interface.
SIPTP-804: Minor enhancement regarding 'Notifications' to assist pre-release testing.