When you create a SIP Trunk, the trunk details, including the password, will be sent via email to the email address you have specified in the client's 'General Information' page. 

If you have lost these credentials or need to simply issue a new password, you can obtain a new password/credentials as follows:

Select the client account in question > navigate to the 'SIP Accounts' tab > select 'Trunks' > select the trunk in question and right-click > then select 'Change Password'.

Please note: Similar to the introduction of this solution, when you select 'Change Password' the SIP Trunk Plus Portal will send you a new valid password via email, for the SIP Trunk in question, to the email address you specified in the client's 'General Information' page.

You can also set up a corresponding email notification for when a trunk password is changed by navigating to the 'Notifications' tab > selecting the notification type from the drop-down menu, in this case 'Sip Account Password Changed' > add the email address and/or phone number where you would like the corresponding notification to be sent to > then press 'Save Template'.

For more info on the 'Notifications' tab, please refer to the following link in our solutions area