We provide you with extensive faulting tools to allow you to investigate any issues prior to contacting us.  Below are a list of checks required to be performed prior to Raising A Fault Ticket:

  1. Check if you can access the SIP Trunk Plus portal

In the unlikely event that there is an issue affecting our platform, we will immediately update our service notification icon (green: no issues; amber: minor service affecting issue; red: major service affecting issue) and associated notification message. Please do check and follow portal status notifications by Setting Up A Service Alert 'System Status' Notification. Via the portal: 

(a) check to see if the trunk(s) are registered via the 'Registrations' tab 

(b) for outbound call related issues, check the Barred Calls Log

(c) if you have previously set one up for the PBX IP address, please review the MTR Report link to go here to MTR Reports solution

(d) for call related issues, check 'VM' ('VoIP Monitor') SIP trace tool link via the 'CDR' tab link to go here to VoIP Monitor CDR Link solution

For all other issues you should supply a SIP trace (e.g Wireshark or similar network protocol analyser tool) that captures the issue in question (if the issue is connectivity or call related).

If you or your technically able third parties have actioned each of the above and you can see a issue that is directly attributable to our service, please refer to Raising A Fault Ticket and provide the information detailed in points '1 - 9' therein as this information is required in order to investigate any issues.